ORSAY Let's Celebrate 40 Years ORSAY Fashion & Style

Not many brands last 40 years, so we made sure to celebrate fashion brand Orsay’s big birthday with a bang. We have worked with Orsay on many great projects in the past, so we had to dig deep to come up with something truly special for this major multi-national campaign. It took a lot of hard work, but we think the final results were pretty spectacular.

To celebrate the event, Orsay created a special offer for customers, and our task was to come up with the most engaging way to present this offer. We produced an interactive website which allowed customers to access a discount code while interacting with the full catalogue of products to create their own style collections. 

The website also hosted a competition for a group of friends to win a trip to Paris. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to enter – so we had to console ourselves with a job well done on the finished website, which we think looks every bit as stylish and elegant as the Orsay range.