Meroway Trekking in Nepal Website and Digital Image

We love adventure here at Frogriot. This is why we were the natural agency choice when Meroway Adventure, a Polish-Nepalese company specialising in Himalayan treks, needed someone to create an exciting new website to capture the spirit of their amazing trips.

We were excited to create a website which showcased the glorious views travellers can experience by travelling with Meroway. Showing this was behind our decision to make sure that the website made use of the full screen across all devices, to achieve the widescreen vista effect of being dwarfed by nature.

We paired these evocative images with a subdued colour scheme and a user-friendly navigation to make sure that the website was all about the adventure. The key purpose of the website was to drive bookings for the trips; so we made sure that the booking process was as simple and intuitive as possible.

The website captures the essence of what makes the tours so special, meaning Meroway can now sell their trips more efficiently to would be journeyers. We, in turn, consider yet another development journey to be a true success.